Ambitious for the Cross of Christ

We must be different. We must be positive and loving. Ambitious for the Cross, not an agenda.

I think it's sad that American Christianity has become a religion of the offensive. We go out and attack, whether it be politically-motivated or just angry. Think of the most recent Chick-fill-a thing. Who cares where someone eats? But because "we" (and by we I mean S. Truett Cathy) was attacked, "we" (and by we I mean the Christian Right) went on the offensive. This is but one example of something that Paul would not have found amusing.

As we get further along into the political season, Christians everywhere are posting attacks against Obama and the Democrats based on one thing or another. Some of it is legitimate political wrangling. They write about issues like welfare, the economy, etc. However, some of it is purely spiritual, like gay-marraige, abortion, etc.

To take things a bit further, the Christian religion is now defending Romney, who is a Mormon, in order to solidify the conservative base. Well done (not)! The Christian Right has just made Mormonism a Christian religion. And why not? Christianity in America is not ambitious for the Cross. It is ambitious for an agenda. This is pathetic and sad, and makes me want to move to another country.

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boilt frog said...

Do you not know that it is biblical to vote Republican? At least you used the right image.

The Chick-fil-a fight was silly. Nothing was accomplished except to give the company a sales record.