Best Seller Wanna-be

I really want to be a best selling author. Is that wrong? I hope not.

It's not that I want to be famous. I actually don't want to be around big groups of people. What I really want is to entertain people with my writing. I want them to have fun because of what I write. With my upcoming novel: Trident Defense, I hope to do just that.

Trident Defense is a story of a US Navy astronaut who is selected to try and beat an invading alien force. It is the year 2029. The Earth is not prepared. A hasty defense is organized around three space ships and six old, US Navy Trident C-4 nuclear missiles.

But the story is more than just an action-packed suspense novel. It's actually the story of losing everyone he loves and trying to move forward. Admiral J. William Seymour is not a hero, at least in his own mind, though he certainly does heroic things. Instead, he is a man who does great things to save his people, but loses so much in the process that he never fully recovers.

Is that enough to become a best-seller? I don't know, but I believe in this book. I want it to do so well. I love writing about spaceships and aliens and battles (oh my!). It is so much fun. And like I said, I hope lots of people read it and enjoy the book too, even though it is rather serious in places.

What would success be for Trident Defense? I've never sold more than 100 copies of a book (my last novel barely broke 50). I don't think selling 100 copies will equal success for me on this one. I don't need to sell a million copies either, but I want more than previous books for this one. It is kind of special to me.

My desire is to start a career in writing, with this book as a spring board. My initial goal is 1000 copies sold, both electronically and in paperback form. From there, I can see what's next.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you success with your book. Any book that combines Sci-Fi., ships, and nukes is bound to be a seller. How can you miss when your protagonist has a first name that ends with a period? Robert Heinlein look out!

I am sure the first chapter will soon be online, perhaps on its own web site.



The Navy Christian said...

It shall have its own site soon, but I want to make sure the editor doesn't need me anymore. I'm thinking around the first of the year for the website.

Thanks for the encouragement!

kurt bennett said...

Dan, are you going to blog your book, chapter by chapter? If you do, please let me know.


The Navy Christian said...

Unfortunately, the book is under contract. I do hope to put out a few excerpts before it's published. I'll keep you informed!