Samantha in the hospital, Day 1

Samantha was admitted to Children's Hospital Wisconsin in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon around 2:00pm. It is fairly normal for a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patient to need a hospital stay periodically to kill off all the things that are making life difficult for her lungs and let her body heal. Alicia and I have been hoping for a few days that they would admit her, but the local hospital in Lake Forest, IL was sure they could handle it locally. That was frustrating, but doesn't belong in this post.

Alicia was a champ. Listen, she's a mom who knows what's up and knows how to take care of her kids. Friday morning Sam was in respiratory distress and not getting better. Alicia basically told the medical staff that we were taking Sam to Milwaukee. By the time we checked in, her O2 stats were 91 (and would fall to 89 within a few hours) and her pfts were in the 40s. She made the right call.

Sam's CF doctor said that she was very nervous for Sam and her staff were on it from the minute we got to the hospital. I just love watching a team in "go" mode. Whether if its on a ship or in a hospital, a team on the move is impressive. Sam was in her own isolation room by 3:00 pm and had a PICC line shortly after that.

Once she got settled in, Alicia and Tim played some games with her to help ease the tension. All did great.
Then it came time to do the first of what will be many breathing treatments. Here are some pictures. We had a great child specialist come in with art supplies. Sam really liked her and liked getting to put things together. Yet another reason we're grateful for the medical staff.

After she was through with the nubulized pulmozyme, the respiratory therapist started her on oxygen because of her low O2 stats.

And poor Hannah, who went almost nine hours without a nap, was a trooper as well and had a wonderful attitude all day. Here she is however, starting to really fade towards the end of visiting hours. She's so precious!

All in all, it was a successful day. We wanted Sam to be admitted for treatment, and she was. It was so good to see the doctors respond in a positive way. Hannah was asleep before we got out of the parking lot and slept the whole way home and most of the night.

I'll update you on Day 2 tonight! Thanks for praying! Keep them coming!

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