My Vision for Navy Christian

When I started blogging at Navy Christian, my goal was to create a site that would give the average Christian a window into the life of a military believer. I still blog along those lines, but also include random posts like my struggle with weight, my love of Linux, and mentoring. I don't think there is anything wrong with that (it is my blog after all), but it isn't what the original dream was.

As I was thinking about what to do from this point, I realized that no overarching tool exists to connect believers in the military from all over the world, wherever they are stationed and whatever they do. We need a way to share what works in the fleet, set people up with contacts when they transfer, and help with advice and prayer requests.

That is what Navy Christian is going to become. I've started the transition now with a new Facebook Group. Currently, we have almost 100 people and I'm aggressively moving toward many, many, more. I want to see The Navy Christian become the single point of entry for all military believers. When someone joins the military, they join Navy Christian. When someone leads another Sailor to the Lord, they follow up by leading them to The Navy Christian and to the community.

I'm not arrogant enough to think that this can become a single-point of all Christian activity in the military community. However, I do believe it can become a point of connection between believers in the Navy. I will, from now on, begin putting out reviews and information beneficial to the community as a whole. In time, I hope to have an admin in each major fleet concentration area to can manage the community locally. Someday, we'll have social events, prayer meetings, etc. So keep a weather-eye out and invite your believing friends!

To see the page and join, click HERE.

Dan Smith Founder:
The Navy Christian

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