Thirteen Years and Counting

Alicia and I have already celebrated our 13th anniversary at Five Guys on Friday as we were able to get childcare for the evening. It was really a great evening, which also included seeing Thor II. But today is our actual anniversary, so today is the day you hear me brag about her.

I know that a lot of guys talk nice about their wives on the anniversary day, but I want people to know that I'm really proud to be her husband. She's been a great mother for my kids and a great wife for me. She has learned the delicate balance of supporting my massive ego while also helping me understand why some of my "great" ideas might not be so great. It's no small task, I promise you!

Maybe the most important thing she does for me is that she provides a listening ear. Sometimes when I debrief my day at work, I learn that I did something wrong, sometimes I learn that I was wronged, and sometimes I learn that what I thought was an offense probably wasn't. Since I often don't trust my emotions, I value her opinion and I don't know if she knows that. I hope she is rewarded greatly in heaven for the value she adds to my life.

What I'm so proud of right now though, is not her support of my dreams and visions, or her parenting of our kids, which includes being a homeschooling mom for our son Timothy. What I'm proud of right now is her work within the military community. Her efforts directly reflect our Lord's mission within the military culture.

First, she was the ombudsman for the Navy base here in Great Lakes. She won't admit it, but she trailblazed her job as she was the first person to hold that position at the command in some time. She supported the CO's mission with grace and mostly turned it over only after she knew the command was ready to be set free. I know that sounds arrogant, but I've met both of the captains and executive officers she worked with, and the respect they have for her is pretty evident.

More than that, however, I'm proud of her for what she brings to the military wives community in a spiritual matter. What started as a simple summer Bible study has turned into a way for her to mentor several Navy wives in the region. Not only mentor, but to be mentored as well. Alicia works diligently to get her studies ready and to present the best information available to her women.

As a minister, I value what my wife brings to the table to support me. She does everything from helping me with sermon ideas for the chapel ministry I preach in to revising my writing projects. But most important to me is how she loves others. I watch her get ready for her Bible studies and I wish I loved my guys like she loves her women. She is an example for everything I do in ministry and I know she is storing up treasures for herself in heaven.

Alicia is a great mom, wife, and minister. Everything I've needed and so much more. Looking forward to many more years!

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