Recent Rejection in Writing

Over at my other blog (ok, one of my other blogs), I wrote about a recent rejection I went through as a writer. I won't rehash everything here, except to say that it was an article related to military ministry, so it was something that would have furthered the Navy Christian ministry, if there be such a thing.

Rejections always bother me, especially after all of the hard work has been put into it. It's painful to see something I valued as a writer/creator get slaughtered like that and all the editor had to do was say, "No thank you," and go on about his day. Does he not realize how important that article was to me? Ha! Of course he does, but I must also see that it isn't particularly important to his readers.

Back to the drawing board. 


boilt frog said...

We may like it.

The Navy Christian said...

I am going to attempt to find another market for it first, and then I'll publish it as an essay, probably on my other website.