The Weight Loss Journey: The After-effects

I've been fighting the urge to have a blow out on my weight loss journey lately. It's been a roller coaster ride that had ups (where I made decent choices or worked out and felt good about myself) and severe dips (where I jumped off the wagon and ate more than I should have or skipped a workout). Of course, those dips brought with them a new sense of guilt and feelings of failure.

As I got home on Friday, I told Alicia pretty plainly that I was tired of struggling with it for the moment and needed to reset. Then I laid out a plan for the weekend for food that essentially meant no plan at all! Yes, I was going to have that blow out. I was done fighting for now, so I let it go.

My last update told you that I had hit a magical number...that number represented a 30 pound loss. I was grateful to have continued to lose a few more pounds, but then I had my reset weekend.

I've heard that it's ok to have a cheat day or so every now and again, but 4.2 pounds worth probably isn't the intended measure. If you've ever stepped on the scale after a bad day or whatever, you know the feeling. The guilt washes over you and you realize that failure. You simmer in the soup of your defeat. It's a little worse now because I planned for the event to happen. I could have been better off if I had kept up the struggle. Thoughts like that are the after-effects of bad decision-making.

I'm excited though. I've had my fun and hopefully it's enough for the foreseeable future. As I am not strictly reducing calorie intake, or ditching carbs, or any other of the crazy diets out there, I'm not as worried about building up and giving into cravings. I simply have to be careful as I move forward in the future, just as I had been doing.

So here's to the after-effects of my after-effects. May the joy of next week's weight check erase all of the sadness of todays. Be blessed in your weight loss journey, as I hope I will be!


boilt frog said...

Are you going to do a Bible study on food and gluttony? You may find some help if you do. It is interesting that we view fatness differently from the way the people of biblical time viewed it. We live in a very rich society. This is why we see poor people who are fat.

The Navy Christian said...

It's definitely a project I want to work on, especially as I find more success myself. The fact is, I'm perfectly healthy, at least as far as blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health factors. I'm just really overweight.

What resources would you suggest for me to look into for this study? I'm very interested.

boilt frog said...

I have no resources. I have been thinking about how to start such a study. The first sin was eating the wrong thing and not eating the right thing. It not to be overlooked that one of the sacraments involves eating. There are major sections of Leviticus.
Regarding one's habits, use the "put off...put on" principle Paul enjoins.
The first thing to do may be to make a list of and then do an exegesis of all passages relating to food. There is a series of blog posts in this. You could share you discoveries. Many could benefit.

boilt frog said...

ps. how is your arm?

The Navy Christian said...

I'm sorry that it took me so long to approve those comments you made. You bring up some very interesting points, particularly with Leviticus. I'm working on a different writing project at the moment, but I like the idea of a study on gluttony and how to properly eat.

I'm not a nutritionist, so I won't be directing anyone's path or trying to find a secret bullet in the Bible that will cure our ailments (outside of John 14:6), but it would make a good study.

My arm has been giving me trouble, to be honest, and it's back in a splint. Hopefully that is temporary. I see another hand specialist if it's still hurting next week.