5th Annual Military Prayer Week Starts in 90 Days!

Five years ago a handful of people agreed on Facebook to start praying for the military on the week of November 11th. Truthfully speaking, many of us were already military, so it seemed somewhat self-serving. Still many others were either veterans, retirees, or concerned civilians, and I have been very grateful for their efforts to uplift military service members in prayer.

90 days from today starts another round of intense, fervent prayer on behalf of those who serve our country. With the possibility of wars and rumors of wars (another topic I'm passionate about), I'd love for you to plan to join us this year starting November 9th. As in previous years, I will post a prayer in the morning and a prayer in the evening. So for 7 days, we will be praying twice a day (please pray more than that!) to jump start your personal prayer life for the military.

I would like to ask you for a few favors.

1.  Please set your calendar on your smartphone or tablet for November 9th for Military Prayer Week. Add my blog to the notes so you'll know where to go for the prayer times.

2.  Follow me on Twitter for updates: @Navychristian

3.  Join us at on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/navychristian/

4.  Tell your friends!

I'm very much looking forward to partnering with you in praying for those who serve!

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