MPW #2: Pray for those on Deployment

Deployment is a particularly stressful time in the life of a military service person. It is also very stressful for the family that remains at home. The stresses that are felt at home ripple their way across the oceans that divide the family and touch the deployed member as well. Kids need to be fed and cared for, a spouse needs to feel rest and valued, the car needs an oil change, and countless other things. These all weigh over time on the member deployed as well.

At times, this stress will cause a member to fall apart, some even requiring a humanitarian reassignment. It is a sad moment when the stress gets to that point, but the fact is, that stress can also lead to a meeting with Christ, so we pray for that situation.

We also pray that the deployed member continues to be strong in the face of many temptations and the anonymity that deployment brings. If that person has faith, we pray it strengthens. If they lack faith, we pray they gain it. Faith is vital for a solid walk with God, so we pray for that to become stronger, regardless of it’s current strength.

Will you pray with me?

Heavenly Father,
Our service members, especially those who are deployed, have to rely on you to care for their loved ones at home. They also rely on you to strengthen their own faith in the face of so many obstacles.
Yet we know that you are the giver of faith and that you strengthen our resolve, so we come to you humbly, hoping that you will give this wonderful gift in increasing abundance to those who serve us on deployment.

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