MPW #3: Pray against Suicide

Even in laughter, the heart may ache (Proverbs 14:13).

We must pray against this level of discouragement that leads to suicide. The reasons for suicide in the military are varied. Some end their lives because of chemical imbalance brought on by war wounds, some others because of otherwise fixable personal problems such as heavy debt, divorce, lost loved ones, etc. Regardless of the reasons behind the suicide, it is just as sad and devastating to those left behind. 

The numbers are staggering. Every year, thousands of military service members and veterans kill themselves for the various reasons listed above and many more. They leave children and significant others behind in their wake. It is a painful reminder of the fallen world we live in.

Yet there is an answer, and his name is Jesus! Spend this morning in prayer for those who have served and are serving. Pray for their hearts and minds to be strong agianst depression and anxiety. Pray that they find help before it's too late.

Please comfort those who are considering suicide. Confront them with the knowledge that the only way out of their pain is through you. Remind them of those that love them and need them. Most of all, remind them that there is hope through the blood of your son, Jesus Christ.

In your name,

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