Navy Christian Bullet #3: As Lighting from Heaven

 For the 3rd installment of The Navy Christian Bullet series, I've stepped away from practical theology (gluttony) and back toward a more academic study. I spent some time studying Satan during my graduate studies, and I've expanded that research in this volume. It is not my desire to settle the issue of Satan in this short, $0.99 book, but just to get your engines going. I aim to go deep enough to get you started, with resources noted in the end notes, but not so deep that I lose folks just getting started in theological research.

From the book: " Many people refuse to see Satan as anything but a pitch-fork-wielding, red-bodied, horned-and-hoofed animal. This is unfortunate at best, and destructively misleading at worst. " This is why I wrote the study on Satan's work and his fall.

We do know that Satan is a powerful being, though how powerful he is is up for debate. He does prowl around like a lion (I Peter 5:8) seeking who he can devour. That alone should encourage a believer to study about him as a sports team might study their opponent or a general might study his adversary. Satan is, after all, our enemy.

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