Military Prayer Week 2015

I know what you're thinking... "Don't you usually do Military Prayer Week in November?"

Yes, I do, and Navy Christian will be hosting it this November too. Yet I'm writing this now to let you know about some things coming this year that are going to make it the best one yet. Here they are:

1.  An e-book on praying for the military, which will include a small amount of writing re-purposed from the blog, but will also include mostly new work on the issue of praying for military believers. The book will be entitled, "30 Days of Prayer for the Military" and will be available at major retailers.

2.  Church involvement is so crucial. I plan to reach out and enlist churches to make the effort this year as bodies of Christ to go to God in prayer for those who are in the military. In short, I'm hoping this year's MPW goes from being a ministry with scattered individuals to an outreach opportunity for churches!

3.  This year will include several new prayers, as years past have. This year, however, will be slightly different because I will be focused on a theme. This year's theme is: Spiritual Development. Some of the new prayers you'll take part in this year include prayers for scripture memorization among others.

Since I first started using this blog to help get the word out about praying for the military, I've seen some really neat things happen. Yet we're also so very far away from the revival I had hoped for. I do think that prayer is the path to revival, however, so I will continue to pray. I hope you will join me as many of you have since 2009. Let's make year six something to remember!

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