The way to Revival in America

I believe that a revival could come to America through a revival in the military. Now, there is a risk in this statement. A revival may never come to America. Am I then a fool? A revival may come to America, but not through a military revival. Am I then misunderstood?

The fact is that I want a revival in the military so badly that I'm willing to pray for it until it happens. I want a revival in America so badly that I will do the same, and regardless of how it happens, I will be just as glad.

Humanly speaking, there is a risk in stating that a revival in the military will result in a revival for America. I could look silly if what I think would happen doesn't come true. Everything we do for God has some risk. Think about it...when you talk to someone about your faith, you're risking rejection and the loss of a friend or turning an acquaintance away. Yet we know that Jesus gave us an order to tell the world about him. So we take this risk.

I'm doing nothing different by calling for a week of prayer for the military (which I hope will result in 30 days of prayer after that). I hope that if not this year, then next year, or the year after, a revival will happen. And if it doesn't, then I've taken my risk for God, and so have you, if you join me in this endeavor.

Of course, there is also the work of the Gospel, which I'm not denying. A literal army of Christian troops on the ground will be needed to spread the message of hope and of Christ crucified in order to make this revival happen. I'm not so bold as to think this can work without actually opening my mouth and preaching the good news.

I've done this sort of work before. I've been a part of groups of Christians involved at various commands in my past. I was nearly reckless with my faith back in the late '90s on the USS Mobile Bay, challenging almost anyone to cross my path, including Satan. We had a great prayer group that prayed hard about our ship. But this is the key...we prayed. We prayed hard back then, especially my prayer partner and I. And that prayer led to a revival on the ship. So we pray hard for our ships, shore stations, Army bases, Air Force bases, Marine camps, and Coast Guard Stations.

May revival come...

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