Join Military Prayer Week 2015!

I'm so grateful for your interest in joining our "ranks" for the 2015 Military Prayer Week! With 90 days to go until kickoff, I'm getting more excited with each passing day.

Military Prayer Week exists to encourage civilian believers to pray for believers in the military. We encourage you to do this because we fervently believe that a revival in the hearts of military Christians will lead to a revival in the hearts of Christians everywhere!

We promise not to abuse the Military Prayer Week 2015 mailing list! In fact, here's exactly what you'll receive in terms of communication:

1.  You'll receive no more than one (1) email per week regarding Military Prayer Week strategy, prayer suggestions, or news. We won't overwhelm your email inbox!
2.  You'll receive one (1) email per day during the actual Military Prayer Week 2015 (running from November 8, 2015 until 14 November 2015).
3.  You'll receive one (1) email requesting funds to increase the exposure of Military Prayer Week 2015 in September. We don't require much money, and everyone working with MPW is on a volunteer basis, so we only need money to raise awareness for the need for prayer. 
4.  You'll receive one (1) email inviting you to purchase the short book 30 Days of Prayer for the Military, which will assist you in praying for military believers after Military Prayer Week. 

We want to be as up front as possible so you know exactly what you're getting involved with. Our goal is not to be a burden, but to be an encouragement. If you want to be a part of the team, please fill out the simple form below to get on our mailing list. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Join Military Prayer Week 2015!

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