Review of 30 Days of Prayer for the Military

Edward Fudge, noted author and theologian, recently reviewed my new book, 30 Days of Prayer for the Military.

He writes:

"Sometime in 1998 (gracEmail was approximately one year old at the time), I received an email from a young sailor serving in the U.S. Navy aboard ship somewhere near Japan. His name was Sheldon Daniel Smith, and he asked me to pray for him concerning two specific matters: that he be faithful to the Lord under what sometimes were very difficult circumstances, and that God would use him to minister to his fellow-sailers. Daniel subscribed to gracEmail and kept in touch with me through the years. Today he is a career U.S. Navy Sailor, has earned a graduate degree in religious studies, is married with three children, and has written a significant book due for release next month (November 16).

Titled 30 Days of Prayer for the Military: How to Pray Fervently and Effectively for the Military (131 pages), Smith's book is focused, useful, and practical. Chapters 1-3 introduce the subject, explain intercessory prayer, and briefly summarize the author's own story. Chapters 6-7 point the way forward, offer specifics on making prayer for military service people and their families a congregational project, and speak to church leaders. Sandwiched between these chapters are 31 very particular prayers, one for each day of the month, with a short introduction that tells why each prayer is important in a military context.

But there is more. As I read these prayers, it occurred to me that with minor editing, they are also applicable to other contexts as well--professional, corporate, educational institution, and so on. Again, this book will be available after November 16 from and"

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