Christmas Letter 2015

Good day to you, my dear. Here I sit, on Christmas morning at 4:45am with Christmas music in the background and the tree lights on, banging away on my keyboard. I want to write something pithy about my life, or maybe a wish for you to have peace during the season.  I want you to relax today and enjoy the event wherein we celebrate God's ultimate gift to us (even if we most likely celebrate it at the wrong time of the year).

Yet in my mind I know that's not a good idea. Too many people are going without this year to wish you a Merry Christmas. People in Paris are undoubtedly still thinking about the recent attacks on their soil, those in the Middle East are either unable to freely celebrate Christ or don't want to, and a shooting occurred at a mall in America on Christmas Eve.

So maybe just wishing for peace isn't enough, even on a day known for being a powerful motivator for peace. After all, they once stopped a war just because it was Christmas.

Maybe I'll say a prayer for the world on Christmas. After all, I run a page dedicated to prayer on Facebook. But maybe that won't help. I think prayer should be focused and personal. I don't know how effective we are when we simply pray general prayers after a tragedy. I suspect most of us mean well when we say it, even if we don't intend to actually pray in that manner. Besides, people don't really want our prayers, and the Dalai Lama doesn't think God will listen to us.

Maybe I'll go do something today. Actually, I guess I am going to do something. I'm on duty today on the USS Hue City. I suppose that counts for something, though I'll probably be as happy about it as a seasick crocodile.

You know what? I think instead I'm going to choose to be grateful for what I have and let the world be on standby for just one day. We have a wardroom family function planned on the ship, complete with Chinese food from our favorite restaurant in Jacksonville. I expect to really enjoy this event. I'm grateful that, though I'm on duty, I'll be able to see my kids and wife. At least I'm not on deployment. To my brothers and sisters who are, God bless you. 

I do hope you have a good Christmas and I do hope it is peaceful for you. Have a great day!

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