Five Reasons to Join the Mailing List

If you're like me, you see lots of requests to join e-newsletters and mailing lists. Sometimes, if the ministry or resource is particularly intriguing, I'll do it. Other times, I shy away. Then there are times that I did sign up that I soon wish I hadn't and unsubscribe. When it comes to mailing lists, you can't be too picky.

The Prayer Journal, a mailing list and newsletter I started based on the Military Prayer Week Facebook page and prayer ministry, is an attempt to expand my writing ministry into a new area. I'd love for you to consider signing up. If you join, I'll send you a free PDF copy of my ebook on John 14:6 called, "The Most Important Verse in the Bible? A Study of John 14:6."

Top five reasons to sign up for The Prayer Journal Newsletter:

1. Learn strategies for being more effective and efficient in prayer!
2. Get a head start on the 2016 Military Prayer Week!
3. Quarterly updates on the Prayer Ministry!
4.  Be introduced to resources on prayer and military ministry!
5.  Get a free ebook!

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