First Five for God

Last night I went to bed with a new plan: I would wake up, get dressed, and then give God my first five minutes. I tend to pray periodically throughout the day, but I struggle to give him a dedicated time early in the day that I can just talk to him.

So I got up (a little earlier than usual), got dressed, and set my iPhone's timer for five minutes. I didn't even start the coffee first. Aside from absolute necessities, God got my first five minutes.

Another thing I did last night was plan ahead about what I wanted to pray about. That doesn't mean that the Holy Ghost wasn't involved in my prayers. It just means that he and I worked it out beforehand about the subject matter. I knew I wanted to pray for a guy at church who I've become burdened for and I wanted to pray for my church in general, as we are going through a transition of sorts.

When you're tired, it's hard to pray "well." Or pray at all. By planning ahead, and setting a timer to keep yourself honest, you'll go a long way to reaching your prayer goals. Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it goes!


boilt frog said...

I can commiserate about the difficulty of consistent prayer. I have never been one of those prayer warriors we here about.

I was given a personal planner/prayer diary for Christmas. I am determined to use it as a tool to increase my prayer time.

My hours at work have been changed. I still get up early (is O dark hundred real navy talk?), but now I am using the time to pray.

It is somewhat a question of habit. It is a case of put off/put on that Paul talks about.

Keep posting on this. Maybe we can provoke each other to good works.

Best blessing,


The Navy Christian said...

My friend! I'm so glad you wrote.

I know it's been a long time since I've posted regularly. Look into my other blog project:

I agree about provoking each other to good deeds. I will add praying for you to my tasker.