It Takes More than a Gym Membership

It takes more than a Gym Membership to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

The number one New Year's Resolution in America is to lose weight. You probably made that your resolution, as did I. Thousands of Americans head to the gym every year to start their annual attempt at weight loss. I too, have started working out again after a rather unfortunate and extended layoff. 12 percent of all gym memberships start in January, so if you've started back up, you're definitely not alone.

Yet 80 percent of those who start a gym membership won’t last their first six months!

My British friends across the pond have the same problem, with over 60 percent making the resolution to get fit and over a third quitting by the end of January.

So 80 percent of new members will quit and 1 in 3 won't even make it out of January. There are several reasons for this. Work gets in the way, and many people have commitment issues with resolutions anyway. I would venture to guess that many people get discouraged with they can't get the weight off as fast as they want to and give in to their comfortable life of eating junk and watching TV.

The Issue of Gluttony

New Year, New You is a great catch phrase, but it doesn't equal success. Setting goals is very important, but unless eating is taken into account, all the workouts you attempt are just going to increase your hunger. Without a solid eating plan, you're out to lunch...pun intended.

My wife and I use the 21 Day Fix. Yes, it's a bit faddish, but it requires me to eat a ton of vegetables and good proteins while reducing (but not eliminating) carbs. If you're interested in the program, I know a few coaches that can get you started.

Surviving January will require more than a gym membership. It will require you to attack the issue of gluttony. I approach it on the basis of Christian faith (this is The Navy Christian, after all), but even nonbelievers will understand the issue I'm talking about.

You know the come home from a long day at work (you maybe even hit the gym on the way home) and there's nothing in the fridge. Well, Dominos delivers, right? So you torch all of your progress for the day by stuffing very delicious pizza down your throat. Hey, I'm a realist. I know it tastes good.

If you want to avoid that, you need a plan, which is why we use the 21 Day Fix. It keeps us thinking about what we ought to be eating, not what we want to eat. Left to our own devices, we're heading back to pizza and pop. You can use any plan you want, you just need to have one and stick to it.

Of course I think there is a faith component. That's why I spent time studying gluttony and scriptures that pertain to it. You can download my book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (also available for iBooks through your iTunes store).  

The bottom line is that you can't reach your weight loss and fitness goals by gym membership alone. You must bring in the faith component and beat gluttony as well. Take a look at the subject on this blog and, if you need more assistance, buy the ebook. Feel free to leave any questions as comments and I'll answer as quickly as I can!

Here's to a great 2016!

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