Ministry Update 01

I know I am getting right with God, or that I am right with God, because I am feeling once again called to preach the gospel. At times in my life I find that I’ve gone off the tracks. I’ve become distracted and I’ve sinned. Now, I sin every day. Of course. You do too. However, sometimes I find more sin in my life than other times.

The key to it all is the unconfessed sin. It’s one thing to sin and go to God for his mercy. This is part of the sanctification process. We are expected to do so. I had, until very recently, harbored a series of unconfessed sins. And they were piling up on me! If one sin can derail your walk with Christ, then mine had pulled up the rails, irreparably twisted them, and used the boards in between the rails as firewood.

Confession is good for the soul because it puts us in a right understanding with God. That place is one of humble understanding that I rely on his love and mercy every day. Christ is not re-sacrificed for me daily, but his sacrificed is remembered daily on my behalf, and he remains my intercessor.

Thankfully, like David in Psalm 51, I have realized that, against God, and God alone, have I sinned. Oh, there was confession at points with my wife as well, and some with brothers in my men’s group, but to God alone had I transgressed. Understanding that was key to regaining my position in God’s throne room.

That was a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve learned that two articles I wrote are being published. I’m very grateful. Only one of them is overtly Christian, but I’m hoping that the second one brings people to my blog to see posts like this one. My writing has appeared, or will soon appear, five times this year in print or online in places other than this blog. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that!

In addition to the publishing credits, I have gained 16 email subscribers in the last six months or so, another blessing to be grateful for. I know that isn’t many…in fact, it’s paltry and insignificant. However, it is my starting point in a branch of ministry. Through the email list I plan to keep people informed of my ministry, to include my writing, and a small project I call the Prayer Gazette.

I plan to update this blog more often with news about ministry, to include my writing ministry and work on my ship, the USS Hue City (CG 66), based in Jacksonville, FL. If you want to keep up with the work on The Navy Christian, then please subscribe to updates with the form to your right, or by clicking HERE.

I am forever grateful for the men in my life who provide accountability for me, for my wife and her forgiveness, and for God and his unending mercy. Until the next update…

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