About Different Frequencies...Same Radio

So what is Different Frequencies anyway? Well, my dad and grandpa used to ask of us boys as we grew up, “What frequency does your radio tune in to anyway?” This was a twist on the question, “What color is the sky in your world?” I don’t know where the men in my family heard that from, so I don’t know who to give credit to.

But the essence of calling this blog Different Frequencies is that my “radio” literally tunes into a lot of different frequencies. There’s the family man, sailor, Christian/ministry, and others too, like technology.

I hope you will enjoy these thoughts. Enjoy the various radio stations you’ll be hearing from on Different Frequencies!

And who am I?

My name is Dan and I’m a husband, father, sailor, and finally, a Christian. I’d like to say something profound about each of those identities, but the reality is that they are fairly straight-forward and will be blogged about often as it is. I am a Christian in the US Navy, so many of my posts will reflect that. Furthermore, I am a seminary student, so a lot of my blogging will be about that. And, quite possibly the most important, as a family man, a great deal of my blogging will be about that.

These are my thoughts. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Are you still a seminary student? I'm starting this fall. God bless you and your family! Robin

The Navy Christian said...

I am starting back at Liberty this fall! God bless you too Robin!