How I've Become a Better Person since Fatherhood

I know I am better since becoming a father because I now have a window into heart of God as Father.

First of all, through my children I've been able to see just how badly my selfishness affects God. When one of my kids doesn't get his/her way, resulting in an ear-splitting tantrum, and I have to some how piece it all back together, I now understand how much it hurts God when I throw a fit. He wants to pour His blessings out on me, but I don't like the blessings he chooses. That awareness humbles me.

Secondly, I've discovered how patient God is with me. In the training process I may have to tell one of my children time and time again how to do something, and yet I do it because I love them and care about the direction of their lives. How many times has God shown me even more patience than I know how to show my kids. That perspective reminds me to be patient.

Lastly, I've learned the joy God has by being in a relationship with me. When I least expect it, and when I'm not asking for it, one of my kids will come up to me, throw their arms around one of my legs, and shout, "Dad, you're the best!" Those are the best moments as a Dad. That must be what God feels when we praise him...when all our energy and love is directed solely towards him! That understanding has made me grateful.

What a blessing it is to be a Dad! God has used this role to humble me in my selfishness, persevere in patience, and be grateful in all things.


Rob said...

I've noticed that I feel much more purpose-driven since becoming a Dad. And it's caused me to recall and re-evaluate things about my own childhood.

I'll readily admit tho, that I wasn't prepared for how quickly emotions can turn. My toddler can go from laughter to tears and back in mere seconds. Who knew?!!

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for taking a look at the blog and for commenting! I agree with you about being more purposeful in life now that I'm a father. That's a great thought.

And now that I have two kids and can verify that yes, they do swing wildly in emotions, I can totally agree with you! It gets tough some times!