When I get to Heaven

When I get to heaven, I'm going to find Timothy (of the Bible) and camp out at his house. Here's why:

I was tucking Timothy (my son) into bed a few nights ago and we started talking about heaven. I'm not sure what made him want to talk about it, but I did my best to explain what I understood it to be. At some point, I told Timothy how to get there. "If you believe in Jesus, then when you die you get to go to heaven." I didn't go too much deeper because I don't think he's quite to the age of accountability.

"I believe in Jesus," he told me. This melted my heart, as I'm sure it would melt the heart of any father. I told him, "Then you're going to go to heaven!"

"Dad," my son said, "When I get to heaven, I'm going to find Timothy of the Bible and tell him I was named after him."

And that is why I'm going to find Timothy (of the Bible) when I get to glory. That way, I can be the second person to welcome my son to heaven.


Steve said...

Awesome! I guess I'll see you at Timothy Ofthbible's.

Me, I guess I'll camp out at Luke Notstarwars place.

My son, Luke, has a hard time figuring out if he was named for 1) Luke Ofthebible.
2) Luke Skywalker, or,
3) Cool Hand Luke.

(I tell him all the time, “Luke, I am your father, and you better get something’s right. And I do mean right.”)



Unknown said...

Very sweet. Just stumbled across your blog. Love the title...so very true.

The Navy Christian said...

That is hilarious! The funny thing is that I never thought my son would be talking about his namesake, you know? Never entered my mind when choosing his name.

USMC Wife,
Thanks for the encouragement!


Walter said...

You are a kind father to your son; it's touching.

I also have a son and he's turning one. I love him so much. :-)

The Navy Christian said...

Walter, thanks for your encouragement! I really appreciate it! Best wishes for your boy!