Fearless, By Max Lucado

Max Lucado
$16.95 (Amazon)

I've read a number of Max Lucado books, so when the opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago to review his latest book, I jumped at the chance! Besides, I needed to work on some things in my life, namely fear and anxiety, topics covered by Lucado in Fearless. The short answer is that he did a great job of covering many fears that I have either felt or heard others going through. In covering topics like the fear of not mattering (Chapter 1) and fear of disappointing God (Chapter 3), Lucado gets to the nerve of what drives humans to despair. I know because I've felt those same feelings.

One of the nicest things about this book is how gentle Lucado is with his readers. Many of us have struggled hard with the things he writes about. Having gentleness as a strength makes this book all the more readable. While some of these topics seem to meld into one even when they are split between chapters, Lucado makes such a compelling argument for trusting God alone and having faith in Christ alone and relying on the Holy Spirit alone, that all believers would be remiss if they didn't get a hold of this book.

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Mark n Misti said...

Another great book that I am currently reading is Every Man's Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time (The Every Man Series) (Paperback). It is an excellent book for men of all ages to read. Thanks for sharing the Max Lucado book.