Update to the About Section

My name is Dan Smith, and I am a Christian. For the moment, I am in the US Navy. My prayer is that God is preparing me for an active part in his Kingdom after I retire so that I can minister for him when the time comes. Different Frequencies is a place where I can write about the different thoughts that come to mind and the different parts that make me who I am.

Here, briefly, are the topics I write about:

In this topic I write about my general thoughts about Christianity, Church, etc. While there are two other topics below that also cover aspects of Christianity, this particular topic is for general theology and strategy thoughts. Some examples of my writing here are my Autumn Resolutions, Serving a Merciful God, and Making Fun of the Bride. I’m not a scholar or a ministry strategist. Instead, I’m just a regular guy who is observing Christianity and making comments.

My family is very important to me. I have a loving wife, a stellar son, and a precious daughter. I love them all very much. I sincerely hope that I will raise my kids to be God-fearing (as I learn more about how to do that myself) and my ultimate prayer is that they will accept Christ as their savior. My son, I believe, is close…just a matter of time I think. I enjoy writing about family because it allows me to share with readers what makes me happiest about my life here on earth. I’ve written about Fatherly Guilt, How Long Distance Discipline Should Work, and Back to School, among others.

Helping younger sailors move forward in their careers is something that I find very rewarding. Furthermore, I find a great deal of satisfaction in growing younger believers as well. Fulfillment comes to us all in different ways, but mentoring is something that is very rewarding. I will do more writing in the future on this topic, but some ideas I’ve already covered are How to Pick a Mentor, The Value of Mentorship, and Mentoring: When You’re not Needed Anymore. If any of my posts can help you either find a mentor or a protégé, or help you expand your current mentoring relationships, then I have done my job!

Military Ministry
I’ve been a sailor for over 13 years, more than 8 of them on ships. I’m finishing up my second sea tour in the next 12 months and it has been very rewarding. One of the rewarding things has been reaching young believers and helping them grow, as well as reaching out to unbelievers on my ship. This topic is for me to write about ministry to sailors primarily, although I’ve worked with other services at times as well. I’ve written about a Baptism in the Pacific Ocean, Work Vs. Ministry, planting a church, and others. If you are praying for the military, then this section is for you!

What can I say? I’m a squid! You can read my thoughts on not making chief, Places I’ve been (Hong Kong and Kagoshima), and the US Navy Physical Readiness Program.

Finally, I’m a geek! I’m a huge Linux fan and run it on two computers at home. I have the operating system on a thumb drive that I can use at any computer in the world. I don’t know that I’m anti-Microsoft (I’m actually looking forward to seeing Windows 7), but I can tell you for sure that I’m very pro-Linux. I’ve been helping in very small ways with Ubuntu Christian Edition and that has been very rewarding. In fact, you can read about my interview with David Kuntadi, the current developer of Ubuntu CE, my updated review of Ubuntu CE, and (for giggles), my modern day parable of the Lost Computer Cables.

There will be more topics covered in the future, I’m sure, but these topics constitute the primary writing I do. They are topics that I’m passionate about. I hope you’ll find something here that you’re passionate about as well.

So welcome to Different Frequencies! I hope you enjoy your stay!


Katey said...

Thanks for the update :) I always enjoy reading!!! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile...it's been sort of crazy!!!

The Navy Christian said...

No worries Katey! I totally understand and it's glad to have you back!

Mark n Misti said...

Dan, I just found your site and am very excited about reading your posts! I am former military myself, US Army 87'-90'. I sure wish I would have found a mentor like you during my service, I can't tell you how much that would have changed my life. I am a geek as well...lol. I am mainly a windows guy, but I have several flavors of Linux that I play with as well (Backtrack, Ubuntu, SLAX, etc). It looks like you have some great topics here from what I can see. I look forward to talking with you more. If you ever need someone to just chat with, or to talk, just drop me a line at my email...


Keep on fighting the good fight! The work you are doing with your shipmates is important! Later brother!


Mark n Misti said...

We would love if you would come and check out our blog.


The Navy Christian said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. It's been a long week and you know what? This is exactly what I needed! Thanks!

And I'm now following your blog. I like what you guys are doing too!


Mark n Misti said...

We can all use encouragement in this day and age! I salute you for your service to our country and being a father and husband.....alot of people just don't have that in them. Don't ever sell yourself short Dan, it's a tough job! Talk to you later brother!

Mark n Misti said...

DUDE....you and I have wayyyyy too much in common! LOL....I was just checking out your profile, movies, etc. That's too funny.

You out on deployment now?

Mark n Misti said...

Hey I just saw an article on the Navy's newest ship (LCS2)...WOW, they showed that thing on Yahoo doing 45 knots! And say it can sustain 44 knots! I am sure that it can do more, as the military never gives out all that info (OPSEC).....have you been able to see that ship yet? It looks like a stealth ship on the water.

The Navy Christian said...

I saw that video too, but I don't know too much about the LCS class. I'm a cruiser man myself, and we do things a little differently. It will be interesting to see how this class evolves over time.

Funny how much we have in common. I look forward to learning more!