Focusing on What Matters

First of all, it's great to be back home. My last underway was both amazing and extremely challenging spiritually, emotionally, and physically. On the upside, we had a Bible study and a Sunday service both matching the best turnout (actually, the Bible study set a record) we've had on board. This is something of an anomaly because most people on board ships don't think to come to service on short underways, figuring that it won't hurt them to be gone from church for a week. Famous last words... On a downside note, I was emotionally exhausted by the end of it. 10 days straight of informal counseling, advising, preaching, teaching, and standing watch had me at my wit's end. I'm glad it's done, to be honest.

Second of all, I'm not against advising, supporting those already born again, and helping to correct a brother or sister when they go off the deep end. Don't get me wrong.

But I am continually annoyed by a particular "believer" on board who does almost nothing except harp on other believers about being holy because God is Holy. I get it. I'm trying...and failing. I'm not trying to justify my sin. However, a good number of our younger believers on board are so busy trying to measure up to the standards that were sending them to hell before salvation that they aren't attempting to help others to salvation! It's driving me nuts!

I advised one young man tonight who had a major run-in with this holier-than-thou today to just focus on what God commands him to do. God knows he can't get perfection from us, but he does require obedience, and sitting around wishing I was a better man is not obedience. Leading others to Christ is.

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