The Man who Caused Problems

I'm sick and tired of this fellow. His incessant preaching and teaching that failure to obey God is apostasy is not only ludicrous, but distracting. He would rather spend hours convincing believers that they are in danger of losing their salvation than allow the same believers to become active workers in the field with is the USS Antietam.

Granted, I'm not a theologian. I'm in seminary for several reasons, one of which is to understand the scriptures better, but the fact is that I unashamedly believe that the Gospel is the absolute only thing that matters first. It is after we establish that the Gospel is for everyone at any time that we can discuss our lives as believers. And, as I preached a week ago, I believe fervently that the same power that Grace reveals through the Gospel for salvation is also powerful enough to redeem our daily lives for the sake of the Kingdom. In essence, Mercy trumps all because Grace trumps all.

This sailor is a detractor. He claims that groups like the Navigators steal people from the church, yet it is he who steals from the true Body of Christ. I am angered by his actions. It is my prayer that God will prevent the believers on my ship from falling into his works-based trap.

Praise be to God for his Gospel! The power of salvation to all, and the grace that is sufficient for our lives after salvation.


Don the Baptist said...

Somebody once said, "the Christian Army is the only army that shoots it's wounded." Guys like this make that statement sadly true.

The Navy Christian said...

You should have seen the young man who came to me the other day. He was so broken, frustrated, and angry. It's a shame to see it on the face of a Christian who should have received encouragement, not rebuke.

I grant that there are times for confrontation, but when it comes to shooting our wounded, we are hopelessly the best I'm afraid.