Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix Review

As a lover of Linux, I have my favorite distribution. I like Ubuntu very much (so much so that I bought a hat!). Of course, as you know I've reviewed Ubuntu Christian Edition a couple of times. So my favorite distro of a distro, as it were, is Ubuntu CE. I'll be reviewing the most recent release (6.0) very soon.

I've wanted to try Ubuntu Netbook Remix for over a year, but since I already had a stable load out on my old laptop (starting with Ubuntu 8.04), I didn't really have a reason to give it a fair shake. My laptop was more than capable of handling a full version. I didn't need a version that was only designed for the lower-end technology found in netbooks.

That was then...this is now. I have a netbook (MSI Wind U120) now and I love it very much. I have written research papers on it for seminary, tracked my running with spreadsheets, and tested out a few variations of Linux for my reviews. Since I now have one and enjoy it so much, it seemed right to finally review the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Simply put, there isn't much to dislike. It comes standard with the things that make me happy. Namely: Firefox (what distro doesn't?), OpenOffice.Org, the repository, and other gadgets that I find necessary. It also adds a very sleek desktop experience which I found very easy on the eyes, especially considering the smaller screen of my MSI Wind.

Unfortunately, I did have to play around with the wireless networking for a bit in order to get online. Rest assured, however, that I didn't have to do any “geek” work. I just had to do some right-clicking and I entered in the name of my wireless network at home and it found it for me. It just usually comes standard for non-Linux operating systems that I've worked with. This is a minor glitch.

The only other problem I faced came early on when I would shut the computer down. Since I'm not willing to share my current hard drive with a second OS at this time, I live boot from a thumb drive. I highly recommend it, by the way. At any rate, my computer locked up on the way to shut down on the first few times doing so. However, I think that was because I was not familiar with how it worked. This is a new world for me still, even after using Linux for years. I'll probably always be a newbie, which is why I review only from the stand point of an end-user, not a professional.

Anyway, aside from all of that, there just isn't much to be upset about the Netbook Remix. It has caused my computer very few problems, runs on just about anything, doesn't use a whole lot of resources, and is very easy on the eyes. It comes standard with the programs that any college student or business professional will need (thanks for including Open Office!). All in all, it is a perfect choice, especially for beginners. You'll love it!


Don the Baptist said...
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The Navy Christian said...

Aye. Check your email!

Adam Tucker said...

Since you have an MSI Wind here's a good site for it.


You'll see a lot of people in the forums that mod their Winds with different operating systems.

The Navy Christian said...

Thank you so much Adam! I will take a look at that site and see where it goes!

Anonymous said...

Though unfortunately this version was unstable on my MSI Wind U90 while Ubuntu 9.04 (UNR too) had no problems and were brilliant. But will give a second try soon!

Thanks for the review!

The Navy Christian said...

I don't know much about the U90, but it works great on my U120. Best wishes and stop back by once you're up and running! I'd love to hear how it goes!