Churches Helping Public Schools

This is what I'm talking about:

Serra Mesa Christian Fellowship, a church my wife and I have visited, hosted a rummage sale to benefit nearby Jones Elementary School. This is the sort of involvement that I applaud from churches supporting public schools.

I hope to get an interview with the pastor shortly. When I do, I'll post it here.


Steve said...

Hey Dan. Can't wait to read the interview.
Our church is envolved in Sacks of Love. We send home a "sack" of food for kids who are undernourished/under fed to have on the weekend. To many church folk distain the public schools to the point they loose focus on the fact that they are mission fields!



Unknown said...

I know you've probably given this some thought, and maybe you will get some more info from the pastor, but my question is...

How does hosting a rummage sale improve reading for low-income and other struggling students?

The Navy Christian said...

Steve, you are so correct! I want to look into Sacks of Love more and maybe get your church on my blog! Ok, so that's not much of an accomplishment, but I love reading about churches reaching the community!

Nate, it has nothing overtly to do with increasing reading scores. But let me suggest that any church helping to get supplies into a local school is doing more than anyone else in the local community to help.