Navy PCS Part II: Getting the Kids Excited to Move

Our kids are very excited to move. This is good news! I don't know if all children like the idea of moving from a city they have come to know and love to a city they've never been to. For Samantha, she's leaving the only real home she's ever known, especially since she is a California native. Timothy was born in Arkansas, but San Diego is about all he's known as well since we moved here when he was only 2 and a half. Our kids are Californians. They like it here.

And they can't wait to move. What a blessing! So how did this happen? Well, we made it exciting for them.

Our kids have bought the idea of moving to Great Lakes. They are on board for two reasons. The first is that they will finally get a yard after living the last three years without one. Reason number two is that they can't wait until they see snow! How wonderful is that?

We made our Permanent Change of Station (PCS), or transfer in English, exciting for our kids. We didn't sell them on a fib either. We didn't have to embellish the truth. We told them what is going to happen. They've seen pictures of our future house, as well as pictures of Great Lakes in snow.

One of the keys to helping your child get ready for a big move like this is to make it exciting for them. Please don't lie to them, though! That will most likely lead to disappointment and anger in your child. The goal should be to help your child transition with excitement, which has been our goal with Tim and Sam, and it's working wonderfully!

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Steve said...

It is great that they are excited. We'll be praying for you, Alicia, and the children!

I went to Great Lakes in September. By the time I left, this Georgia Boy was cold to the bone, tired of snow, and ready for some sunshine. My next duty station? Groton for sub school. WHERE I WINTERED! haha

Our kids were the same way. Luke has done seven schools in his nine years of education. We have promised him high school is a one stop deal. But they really like leaving Atlanta for anywhere rural.