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I've had the wonderful pleasure of attending a ministry in the military housing here in Great Lakes run by Military Ministry, an extension of Campus Crusade for Christ. Nick and John have both been great friends to me and in many ways, the mentors I need while I get settled in here. This is the kind of outreach that is needed in military communities and I highly recommend the ministry to everyone. They are akin to the Navigators, for those of you who have experience with that organization.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Neal P. Livingston, who is the director of Bridges to Healing. He's a retired Lt. Col in the USAF and I was very, very impressed with his efforts. You will be too!

For those looking to reach out to the US Military in a more powerful way, please go to Military Ministry section of Facebook. Click HERE to go to it from my site. They provide a great deal of information about reaching the military. I highly recommend it!

Here is the web address for the Facebook profile:

Here is the web address for Military Ministry:

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