Want to write for The Navy Christian?

Want to write for The Navy Christian? Great! Here’s what I’m looking for:

• Christian: It is called The Navy Christian, after all.
• Associated with the Navy: See the above comment.
• A Skilled Writer: I’m looking for people who can write. I can work with you if you aren’t the best, but a general skill is required.
• Dedicated Loudspeaker: The primary way you’ll get paid for your work is through ads sold on the website. Therefore, the more people you can bring to read what you write, the better the chances are that you’ll get paid. You can tell your church small group, your shipmates, your MOPS group, your Facebook and Twitter friends!

Ok, so you fit the bill, what do I need? I need articles on the following:

• Reviews: Particularly, I want reviews on things that Navy spouses and Navy personnel can use to further their faith and make their lives better.
• Resources: Everything from pamphlets to sermons to Bible studies are needed. In particular, I need Bible studies that sailors can use underway.
• News from our perspective: What is happening in the news and how does it affect Navy families?
• Sea Stories: Testimonials about being at sea or on the home front, and serving God or seeing God work.
• Theology: One of the goals is to reduce the Biblical illiteracy rates in the Church.
• Resources for churches: Have an idea to help churches reach out to sailors?
• Others as they come to light.

What benefits can I gain from writing for The Navy Christian? Glad you asked!
• Exposure: You get your name out on the web. If you have your own blog or book, I’ll definitely link to it.
• Fulfillment: You’re helping win the spiritual war on the military front.
• Pay: Don’t expect much at the start, but as The Navy Christian picks up speed, you’ll find more opportunities to earn money because people read and use what you write.
Sound good? If you have the desire to write and get God’s message to sailors and families, then get to it! We are launching the new program on January 1st, so send your articles now! Email articles or questions/comments to sdansmith@gmail.com. Thanks, and I look forward to your writing!


Jin-roh said...

hmmm sadly I fulfill everything but the "associated with Navy thing." Well if I ever get bored with teaching I suppose I'll sign for Officer Training School or something. :-)

The Navy Christian said...

While I think the Officer corps would be better off with you, I wouldn't run out and join up so you can write for The Navy Christian! LOL! However, if you're still interested in helping me reach and teach my fellow service members, I would be interested in some of your theology samples. Email me if you're still interested and I'll discuss the pay, etc. You may not be interested after that!

Mark n Misti said...

So how has this adventure in writing been going so far?

The Navy Christian said...

Well, I've had a few guys interested. One plans to start in February after he clears some stuff off his plate and another has decided to hold off a bit on sending me his article. I think he's shy.