Blog Carnival!

I really enjoyed hosting the blog carnival a few months ago and so I jumped at the chance to host it again. I really can't wait to show you all of the blogs I've read...well, take a look!

First up this week comes from the Olin's Blog. In this post the idea of Christian hypnosis, called Meditative Prayer by the author, is brought into the light. I had some issues with it in that even though the author says it's not new-agey, it sure looks suspicious. I recommend you go over and take a look for yourself!

The second entry is from Real Deal Christian, who writes about "If God is Good." I think it's the best writing on the topic of God acting during misery that I've read in a long, long time. You'll need to read it to get the full gist of what he's writing about, but it's definitely worth your time. He also wrote an article on Riches and how to know if you're growing spiritually. They are equally worth reading!

There were several good articles on the Memorial Day holiday. Barry Wallace wrote this week about a song for Servicemen and those who love them. As a Sailor, I really enjoyed reading this post. I also liked this post, which shows a video of the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It will send chills up your spine! Michelle wrote about her experiences in the USAF, and I think you'll like that too. Finally, I leave you my own post for that day, regarding the childhood that got me interested in the Naval service.

Rodney Olson writes in an outstanding article on Wicca and it's dangers. I was honestly a little fascinated by the writing, if being scared to death equals fascinated! I definitely need to be careful with my children.

Finally, Jeremy Pierce writes about the meaning of the old KJV term "help meet" and what it really means. For any student of the Bible, it's an important article!

Honorable Mentions:
Why Carry Your Heavier Cross?
Capitalism and the Attack on Imago Dei
 No Shame in Scars
 Why are Folks so Afraid of Prayer?
 The Joy of Ministry
Dead Right is Still Dead, Right?
Is your Financial life Missing the Most Important Ingredient? 


loswl said...

Thanks for the honorable mentions, INSPIKS is happy to be a part of this ongoing feast of carnivals :)

Deb said...

Hey! Thanks for hosting this week. Mind fixing the link and title to my submission, if you would? You've got the link going to the one above. The title should be:
Dead Right is Still Dead, Right?
And the link is:


The Navy Christian said...

This carnival got completely messed up as I had computer issues. I have fixed the link and the wording. I will send it out to my contacts, as well as email it to the moderator. I am absolutely sorry for what happened.


Real Deal Christian said...

Thanks for the shout out Dan as well as your service for this country! You've got some great content as well and I look forward to mentioning you on my blog.

The Navy Christian said...

No problem! And you're welcome! And Thank you!