Two Resolutions I'd like you to Consider

There are two things I'd like you to consider. One of them is for all people regardless of faith background, and the second one is for Christians.

1st, I want you to consider getting a mentor, and if you have one, I want you to consider mentoring someone. At the moment I am mentoring four Sailors...two of them are believers. I am mentoring three of the Sailors for career reasons (for them) and one of them I'm mentoring for primarily spiritual reasons. In that relationship, the Navy is secondary in importance.

But the truth is that I don't have a mentor right now. I need to find one. I'm not sure what area to focus on, so that will be my first step. As far as my career goes, I'm in a holding pattern becuase I won't be eligible for three years for the next rank. That allows me to start working on some other areas that are important to me, like education, running, weight-loss, writing, parenting, etc. Finding out which area I want to focus on will be number 1 priority over the next week. Then it's off to hunt for a mentor. You should be doing it too. If you don't know how, let me know and I'll help you.

2nd, I want you to consider reading the Bible all of the way through. I'd love it if you would do it even if you don't believe in God, but I know that is a difficult request. However, for you believers...get to know God and the Bible more by joining me on a quest to read through the Bible! It's only January 2nd or 3rd (depending on when you read this post), so get in now! YouVersion (for iphone and Droid) are great plans, but there are several others I can point you too. I did this once before several years ago and it was a blessing. Time to do it again!

You may want to lose weight or spend more time with family, or countless other things for 2012, but I would like for you to consider these two especially. Let me know if you need help!


Alicia said...

Hey! I'm doing #2. I've already added my reading plan to my Opera page!

The Navy Christian said...

Awesome! I love doing this together!

Unknown said...

I use YouVersion! Though I still like the good ole' fashion printed book version better. But having the Bible on my phone is really helpful. I wish it had all the commentary.

The Navy Christian said...

There are definite advantages to the old fashioned Bible. However, once upon a time print Bibles were the new thing, so we should be grateful that we're seeing the new "new" thing! God has been good to us to get us something like Youversion and other tools. It's really good stuff!