Hannah in the Hospital

Hannah is going home today! She needed a few extra days because mommy was recovering from surgery. Both are doing just fine and are ready to get to the house. As we prepare to leave, I thought it would be nice to put some photos up about her time here at the hospital. Enjoy!

 Ok, so the first picture is Timothy being silly with Hannah's new stuffed animal. I'll get to Hannah in a few seconds.

 A simple picture of me and my daughter looking gangsta! Shout out to the USS Antietam peeps by the way. Nice serving with you all!

 All sleepy and milk-drunk, as the nurse called her.

And this is her not milk-drunk.

 I think this is just a really pretty picture of her. I like her a bunch.

 I don't know what she was looking at here, but she really concentrated on it hard!
 Our Beautiful Children!


boilt frog said...

That is you on the left, but your daughter does not look gansta. That stuffed animal, however, is now in command of the high ground. It looks like you son survived. Why is there a hand growing out of Hannah's head?



The Navy Christian said...

There would appear to be a hand growing out of her head, but alas, it is just a concerned father! LOL!