Creative Parenting

I was on duty last night, but the most amazing thing happened. My son, while brushing his teeth, lost a tooth! Now, judge me if you like, but we play the tooth fairy game at our house. We usually put a dollar under the kid's pillow if Sam or Tim loses a tooth.

Last night there was a problem though. Tim's tooth went down the drain! Alas...nothing to prove to the tooth fairy that he had lost one for her to take!

Timothy, not one to let a penny or two get away from him, came up with this really cool idea, which might just earn him son of the year...or at least "Future Donald Trump" of the year:

 And that's why my wife has already sealed up her bid for the mom of the year award for creative parenting. She decided to write back on behalf of the tooth fairy...And this is the tooth fairy's response:

Yes, my wife rocks!


Unknown said...

That Is soo adorable!!! Alicia, u r Great!! Emma D

Stephanie Kay said...

Very cute!! $1 a tooth, huh? Wow! The Tooth Fairy that visits our house is kinda stingy. She only leaves .25. :)

Sarah said...

That's so neat. Props to your wife.

Unknown said...

This is hilarious! Very creative indeed, on both Tim's and Alicia's part. Children never cease to amaze me. Now, if we could only get our state and federal government to realize that, maybe our schools would foster as much creativity as Alicia does!