Lose the Christianese

There is a phrase that the Navy uses to describe one barrier to effective communication: Lack of common-core experience. Just because you know what transformational means doesn't mean that your younger believer will. He or she needs to hear things on his/her level. This is certainly true of a non-believer. 

Sometimes we as experienced believers don't talk in church slang on purpose. These may be words that we've known for decades, especially those of us who grew up in the church. However, we are called to make disciples! Many of those young believers who need our help are spiritual orphans or outright unbelievers. They need to know that we aren't going to expect them to know everything we know. Yet our language, if we aren't careful, can betray this desire.

Get rid of the Christianese as much as you possibly can. Not only will your younger Christian disciple appreciate it, but so will the unreached around you who need to hear “normal” language!

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