The Problem with Politics

This post is a follow-up to my rant about Voting Biblical Values.

Here's the real problem: I think that politics, at least in America, is damaging to the Gospel. By the time the church as a whole is done attacking everyone around them, it makes it difficult to tell them you love them later. It certainly makes it difficult to tell them to follow you to Jesus.

See what I did there? I attacked you. I realized that a few days ago while reading a blog called A Heart for God. The author of that blog, who has a major Twitter following I might add, wrote something that I was not happy about. It had to do with politics. He wrote it right after I wrote my Voting Biblical Values post. I tore into him pretty well (as well as you can in 140 characters). He defended himself well. We ended fairly ok I suppose, but then I read his blog entry and realized that I had committed a horrible act. By arguing so vehemently, I had detracted from what I wanted to accomplish, which was turn believers to the need for the Gospel. Actually, my goal is for believers to understand that the Gospel should direct our actions. I believe politics gets in the way, but attacking believers is no way to accomplish my goal and get the word out. It doesn't make us look good to unbelievers either.

Tomorrow is election day, and I hope you do whatever it is you need to do in order to be ready for November 7th, the day we must get back to the work of the Gospel. I need to, you need to, we all need to get back to doing what God ordered us to do in Matthew 24. My part will be to stop bickering about politics (I hope I can maintain that).

Truthfully speaking, arguing about politics is fun for me, but it is a detractor, so I shall attempt to stop being so contentious and cantankerous. Let us all get to work!

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Jailer said...

This is spot on, and echoes something I also wrote about prior to the election:

"A Christian's first duty is to glorify God. A Christian's first mission is to be salt and light in the world, proclaiming the gospel to all creation. Perhaps if we spent more time on these things, some of the other things would take care of themselves. Perhaps, in the Providence of God, our faithful labors in His mission field would yield a harvest, and our spiritually revived countrymen might then see fit to place godly people into high office, who would then do what godly people do--acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly would be a nice start."

Blessings to you,
(an Air Force Christian)