Potential Pope Candidates and My Opinion

Despite being an avid and passionate protestant, I am absolutely fascinated by the office of the Pope. Why? I'm not completely sure, although I'm sure part of it is the role he plays over the church. Some of that is my carnal desire for power I'm sure as well. I'm also interested in it because it has no equal in scripture outside of the High Priest, and even then I think the Pope wields influence that the High Priest could have only dreamed of (and I'm sure they did!).

Whether I should be this interested in the office of the Pope or not, I am flat out ecstatic about the conclave to elect the new Pope. I was just as intrigued by Pope Benedict XVI’s election. Learning about who will replace him is fascinating. I just realized I should write an article on how I feel about him leaving office before his death. Guess it's moot now.

Apparently, at least in America, there is some speculation that the next Pope will be from the USA. That would be extremely interesting, but I think there has been too much controversy for that. In fact, I'll just say it would be the wrong thing to do.

I'll come right out and say it: The next Pope should come from South America or Africa. It's time for a fresh voice, and America is no less mired in backwards problems than the church of Europe.

According to one source, there is a viable candidate in Latin America. Archbishop Odilo Scherer of Brazil, leader of the world's largest diocese, would be a good candidate and apparently is fairly popular.

There is also an outside candidate from the Philippines named Luis Tagle, which would be intriguing because Asia and the Pacific have been likewise shunned by the European bloc. Africa also has an option by the name of Peter Turkson from Ghana.

Look, I don't mean to offend any of my Catholic friends. The bottom line though is that the western church needs to step aside for a while and bring in some actual fresh blood. It is the right thing to do. Let's hope it happens. Of course I understand that the Archbishops have requested prayer that the Holy Spirit would be a part of the voting. I couldn't agree more. The fact is that I hope the Holy Spirit does choose the next Pope. But from a pragmatic setting, the next Pope should probably be from outside of Europe.


Steve said...

I'm with you on two things,

1) The next pope should not be European.

2) I ain't got a dog in that hunt.

The Navy Christian said...


boilt frog said...

Why would we care if the next Pope is an European? "Sorry pal, no Irish need apply."

"I'm also interested in it because it has no equal in scripture outside of the High Priest, and even then I think the Pope wields influence that the High Priest could have only dreamed of (and I'm sure they did!)."

The first Adam did, and the second Adam does. Mt 28:18

Without skin in this game,


The Navy Christian said...

The first and second Adam wield this much influence on a spiritual plane, but I'm discussing the physical plane. If we are talking physical plane only, then the first Adam couldn't even influence his family and the second was God, so it's hard to compete with him.

Still, you're right. I think that it's an interesting concept though, this Papacy, even though I don't think there is real scriptural precedence for it. Would be interested in what some of my Catholic friends think.

Steve said...

Not Catholic or Protestant, Dan, sorry.

bf, I don't care, I would just like to see a non-European, if for no other reason it would be fun to see the world reaction.

No way Dolan will be elected. The US is toxic worldwide. What would be interesting to see is how the next dude lines up with some eschatological conversations.

Anonymous said...

John Paul 2 selected most of the Cardinals so ideologically it doesnt really matter. The question is which is the man God has groomed for this as far as attributes and talents. Nationality is irrelevant. Taking that into account may disqualify the right man. I pray that they select the man who is up for the current task at hand. Im sure they have. It takes a 2/3 plus one vote so it will be someone they all are comfortable with. I hole Catholics and Protestants alike pray for the Cardinals. God Bless!
Shawn Finn

Unknown said...

Is it not just as wrong to say he should NOT be from europe as it is to say he SHOULD be???? Kind of reminds me of saying you SHOULD or should NOT hire someone soley based on their race. Call me crazy but you should hire someone to best fit the job/role regardless of where they are from or of what background. Just a thought.

The Navy Christian said...

@Shawn: This is why I wanted you to weigh in. I hadn't considered that JPII had picked the Cardinals, so of course they will vote for the ideology he envisioned. Excellent point!

@Rebecca: You know, you bring up an interesting point. I don't think that picking the next leader of the Catholic church is like hiring someone, but I suppose you're right in some respect. I'm sure the conclave is doing it right, for the most part, except that I think we can agree that they've been voting essentially the same way for centuries. Because of that, I stick by my personal idea that they should go outside of Europe for this one. Not saying what race he should be, just not from Europe.

Anonymous said...

JP2 was a compromise Between Siri and Benetti. From Karol Wojfyla's early days days as a priest his priesthood took on a ljfe of its own. During the 79 conclave he was little known outside of Poland. An unlikely choice compared to Siri or Benetti. However facts presented him as the obvious compromise and able to tackle the upcoming challanges. We say it took on a life of its own but it was the life of the Spirit that led to his election by men with the ideas of men in a structure of men. Also though he ensured the Italions would never again be a majority they are still the biggest voting block.

Anonymous said...

the last anonymus was from Shawn Finn also.

The Navy Christian said...

Looks like it's a done deal right now anyway. I'm reading that the conclave just picked a successor.

Anonymous said...

I was logging on to say this is all academic now. Lol. Lets see
Shawn Finn

Steve said...

Francis I sounds better than Benedict XVI. Glad he went with a new name.

What am I talking about? Again, I ain't got a dog in this hunt.

My point about not being European was really about realizing that the vast majority of Catholics live outside Europe, and they should be represented by their faith by someone other (really) than an Italian. It's not racial, and (forgive my bluntness) but because I do not believe he is a spokesman for God, it simply makes since that he speak for the majority of his religion.
For what it is worth, I think the right man was chosen.

The Navy Christian said...

I think the fact that we don't have a dog in the hunt makes us interesting spectators, to be honest, which is why I find the whole thing fascinating. I'll try to write a little about my feelings toward Pope Francis in the coming days, but I'm glad it turned out like it did.

Anonymous said...

I as a Catholic am exited about the choice based on the merits of the man. Nationality had no role but i am glad the Italion monopoly is over. Keep in mind each of the Cardinals are fine canditates. Now to see what God has in store. It may be different tjan what us men have in mind...
Shawn Finn