Post-MA Degree Plans

I'm a few months from officially being a graduate of Liberty University's Master of Arts in Religion program, but all coursework has been turned in and I'm accepted for graduation. So basically, I'm a graduate, just not officially.

And good thing too, because in December of this year I commission as a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Navy. Immediately after the first of the year 2014, I ship off to Newport, RI for officer indoctrination and then to my ship (with a school in route). After I get to my ship, I'll probably be so busy getting my qualifications finished that I won't be able to breathe, much less think about the fun things I'd like to be doing.

Still, December is a long way off, though I suspect it will be here before I know it, and I must find something to do with my time. So, now that the degree is complete, where do I go from here? I have a few goals that I'd like to put forth in the ole' blog so that it's official:

1.  Get ready to be a Chief Warrant Officer. Moving to the Wardroom is a completely different game than what I've done so far in the Navy. Because of that, I have to figure that I'll need some preparation. I have already got a hold of the Coast Guard manual for ship-driving and plan to study that.

Along with that, and maybe most importantly at this juncture, is finally getting my weight under control. I passed my most recent Navy weigh-in, but not without some modifications, as it were, to my diet and health. It's time to fix that for good. My major goal in the next six months or so is to lose enough weight to pass my next weigh-in without being taped for body fat percentage.

2.  Focus on my writing. Now that I have some time on my hands, I want to see if I can make my MAR pay for itself. I know that the MAR isn't the most important degree in the religion community, but it did prepare me to write and to think critically. I have a few ideas already for publication and four articles in the editing process. I've already been accepted for publication in the January 2014 issue of Evangelical Missions Quarterly and I look forward to more success in this area.

In addition to official (and paid for) writing, I want to focus on blogging more as well. I love Navy Christian and I want it to be more effective in supporting my fellow Christian Sailors and helping churches around the USA support Christians in the Navy. So expanding my writing in this area is pretty important to me.

I count my writing, at this juncture, as my main ministry effort. While I will continue to mentor and preach any time I get a chance, writing is the main focus as I get ready for the big step in my life.


Unknown said...

Congratulation Dan, and wish you a fruitful and happy journey ahead.

David K

boilt frog said...

Congratulations. Since you are finished, you could help us all if you posted your MAR's reading list. I would like the free education.

What is a chief warrant officer? Are there non-chief warrant officers? How does this differ from the commissioned officers? Coast Guard manual? Is this legal in the Navy?

Lastly, does your wife have to salute?

Best wishes on your goals. Sanctification lasts forever.


The Navy Christian said...

Man, if I remembered my reading list, I would gladly post it! I actually have a bunch of books I want to sell, but haven't gone through to figure out what classed they were for, so I don't know how best to do it. I'll work on that.

A Chief Warrant Officer in the Navy is a commissioned officer, but the Navy separates us from the unrestricted line officers, who actually command ships and such. I'm there as a technical specialist to advice the Captain and oversee the combat system, as I understand it. I'm sure I'm wrong in some areas.

And, like it or not, the Coast Guard owns the ship-handling rules, so we have to follow them, as I understand it. So while I would detest most things Coast Guard, apparently they are the gatekeepers in this case.

Lastly, wives never salute. They are always one rank above their husbands, not matter how high I go.

boilt frog said...

Just list the titles and authors.

When your wife becomes a mother you are required to salute her?