Fort2Base Race: Getting Back to Running

It's getting to be that time. August 25 is the race date this year, and as you can see, I have a rather vested interested in the Fort2Base race, having run it's inaugural year and it's sophomore year. I've felt pretty close to this race. I don't know how many people can claim to have run in it's first three years, but I plan to be one of them.

Why do I want to run this year? Honestly one of the reasons is that it's so dear to me. I can't really explain it, but I'll try. While my goal when I first got to Great Lakes was to run in the Chicago Marathon, I realized a year or so into my time here that a marathon might be out of reach for me physically. I'm just not built for that long, nor do I have the patience to train for that size of a race. The half marathon distance is really more of my style. That makes the Fort2Base a perfect fit! At 11.5 miles, it's just under a half distance.

Another reason I want to run it is because I need it to help me prepare for my upcoming Chief Warrant Officer Commissioning Ceremony. One of my best methods of losing weight is through running, as it is something I enjoy. As long as I keep myself healthy, and adjust my eating habits, I usually lose a considerable amount of weight through running.

The final reason I want to run the Fort2Base is because I enjoy the feeling of crossing the finish line. If you've never done it, you need to try sometime, even if it's just a 5K. They call it the Runner's High, and it's no joke. It just feels amazing.

So far, I'm restarting my running after a back injury and Samantha's hospital stay. I've run up to 4 miles,  but obviously I have to get better and lose some more weight before I'm running my 9 minute/mile goal time.

Here are some pics of the wildlife on my recent training runs:

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